Why my Engagements are Dropping? How to Solve this?

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Written by Luisa Woodfine Updated over a week ago

This article is only applicable to https://SMMeShop.com

We have multiple servers/services and they mix of Dropping and Non Drop services and hence when you buy any SMM Service then please check for "Non Drop" tag or "R" tag or "" symbol.

  • "Non Drop" tag means the Views / Likes / Followers ...etc will NOT drop and good to buy if you do NOT want dropping issues. Please note that Non Drop services are limited in number and may NOT be available all the time.
    Note: If "Non Drop" tag is NOT there then that service may be dropping or may NOT be.

  • "R" tag means you are covered for Refill i.e if Views / Likes / Followers ...etc drops then we will Refill it for FREE.
    Symbols/Shortcuts Meaning
    AR = Auto-Refill
    R30 = Refill 30 days
    R60 = Refill 60 days
    R∞ = Lifetime Refill

  • "" symbol means you may get a Refill button or you can contact us and we will initiate the Refill for FREE.

    Symbols/Shortcuts Meaning
    = Refill button

General Tip: It is recommended that you try different servers/services and get stick to the one which is performing better for you.

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