How to Report Campaign related Issues / Problems?

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Where to Report?

  • via Ticket Support:
    You may report Campaign related Issues / Problems by contacting us (create support ticket) at 
    Note: you must be logged in while contacting.
  • via ChatBox Support (VIP Membership Required):
    If you are on VIP Membership, you may report campaign issues via ChatBox which can be found at bottom-right corner while you are on dashboard.
    !!! NOTICE !!! 
    You must subscribe to VIP Membership at (login required) otherwise Campaign related Issues / Problems will NOT be Entertained directly on ChatBox at all for users on FREE membership.

How to Manage Tickets?

Guidelines to Report:

  • Always mention or select related Campaign IDs and any other required details in your request.
  • Make sure to choose relevant request type and correct subject while creating support ticket. 
  • Do NOT create more than one request for same campaign issue or problem.
  • You may send the same kind of issues inside one single ticket to save time.
  • Creating a support ticket and chatbox request won't increase the response time.
  • If you are sending a message on chatbox, be sure to send your ticket/incident id/number (if FREE membership). 
  • Spamming increase response time or we may suspend your access to our helpdesk.

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