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Coins are like virtual currency balance which can be used for specific purposes within the platform only. Our Coin system is shared across websites. Kindly refer the concept of coins in various websites below:-

Nope, you can create ONLY ONE account. We don't allow multiple accounts as such from the security/safety point of view and other reasons.
If you really need multiple accounts then contact us first with a genuine reason or explanation for the same. If it looked reasonable we will make an exception for you.


We may charge handling fee in some cases depending upon the matter because we bear losses on behalf of customer while receiving funds.

Handling fee is charged to setoff losses that we incur on behalf of the customer. Kindly find some examples below:

  • Transaction charges incurred to collect payment via payment gateways.
  • Man power consumed in processing the payment (if manual method).
  • Cross border or markup fee we pay while receiving international funds.
  • Currency conversion fee or losses we face due to fluctuation in currency rates.
  • Accounting cost we incur to maintain govt. financial compliances.
  • Tax we paid against the profit we booked on payment we received.
  • Additional tax filling burden we incur to setoff refund transaction.
  • Cost of maintaining the platform and infrastructure w.r.t finance.




  • When you signup a new account on our platform, you will get a confirmation email on your registered email.
  • The confirmation email sent to you contains a special activation link, you just have to click or visit that link in any web browser to automatically verify your email and hence activate your account.
  • The purpose of this verification is to confirms that you are the owner or have access to the email. Its very important to verify email from security point of view.

If case you haven't received or missed the confirmation email containing your special activation link, then kindly request activation link using any of the below link and we will resend activation email accordingly:-

Still NOT Getting Email?

  • Kindly double check your SPAM or Junk folder.
  • Kindly double check your registered email and make sure it's correct.
  • Kindly double check if there is any typo mistakes in your registered email address.
  • If you are still logged-in into your account, then you may try changing your registered email to another email.
    Recommended Article: How to Change / Update Account Email?
  • It can be possible that your inbox has some issue in receiving our emails, check with your provider.
  • Reach out to support, if problem still persist.


You may change or update your account email at:

Simply enter your new email and click "Request OTP" button to receive an OTP to your new email.

Confirm the OTP, enter your account password and hit submit button to change account email.


Unfortunately, account username can NOT be changed or updated.




How to Generate Invoice?

  • If you are going to pay via manual payment methods such as wire / bank you may require Invoice beforehand by your finance team.
  • If you need your company details mentioned in the invoice, kindly make sure to update the same in your profile (
  • You can simply follow the steps given at How to Add Funds in your Account Balance? that would automatically generate a draft Invoice for the selected payment method which can be downloaded later (check steps below).

How to Download Invoice?

You can find and download all your invoices at:

Just hit "Invoice" button given under Action column to view and download (print as pdf) the invoice.


SOP for TDS payment in case of INDIAN Customers:-

  • Kindly make payment of full invoice amount inclusive of GST amount, so as to get your invoice processed.
  • You will have to deposit TDS (if applicable) additionally and file TDS return as per your convenience.
  • Then issue FORM 16A to us. Please reach out to support to get our PAN details as per website. 
  • After submission of TDS Certificate to us, within 7 working days, TDS amount will be reimbursed into your current account.
  • Kindly note that TDS applicable section "194C" and TDS rate applicable is 1%.

SOP for GST input claim in case of INDIAN Customers:-

  • If you are registered business and have GSTIN number, you may update your GSTIN number in your account profile to get GST invoices.
  • If you are eligible, we will issue you GST invoices and you may claim GST input accordingly. Kindly check with your CA to learn more.
  • We are falling below prescribed limit of monthly GSTR-1 return. Hence we will be filling on 13th of subsequent month of Quarter end.
  • So you should be able to get GST input on 3rd month of Quarter end.
  • This is the SOP for GST operation and input claim eligibility.


Steps to Add Funds using Paytm QR Scan:-

  • Kindly refer this guide to know How to Add Funds into your USD Balance.
  • Just Select/Click "Paytm" option as your payment processor.
    Note: You will Pay in INR equivalent + GST Tax.
  • It will take you to a secure Paytm payment page, which will guide you further.
  • Pay with Paytm Wallet or Scan the QR Code via Paytm App, upon successful payment;
  • Submit Transaction Details [ORDER ID & AMOUNT] to Automatically Process the Payment.

Note: These steps apply similarly to all our TheSmartWare Network Websites

Troubleshooting Paytm Issues:

  • If you missed to submit Order ID & aborted mid-way, you can go to your dashboard or add funds page to see your pending invoices and just hit "Pay Now" button and complete the step of submitting Order ID.
  • If you missed to note down your Order ID, then you may have to check your Paytm app to find it or contact paytm or tell us as many details as you can so that we can verify your payment.
  • For your ref: This is how it looks at our end (check below). kindly share as many relevant details so that we can verify your payment in case you don't know your order id:-

    Screenshot (part 1):Payments_Received__Paytm_for_your_Business.png

    Screenshot (part 2):Payments_Received__Paytm_for_your_Business2.png


Payoneer is a manual payment processor but the good part is they are available in almost every country. In order to make payment via Payoneer, you can either directly send us the funds from your Payoneer account if you are existing Payoneer customers. You may find our latest official Payoneer account details at:

Otherwise you need to contact us and tell us the amount and we will send you a payment request accordingly.

You will receive an email from Payoneer with a payment link, Go to that link and make payment and inform us. We will credit the requested amount into your account balance.

Is there any fee?
From our end we don't charge any fee for payments made via Payoneer, you may have to choose appropriate options at your end to avoid any fee (if any) and pay the requested amount. Payoneer should deduct transaction fee from our account (if any).

Example for your ref:Screen_Shot_2020-03-05_at_6.07.54_PM.png


Topics covered in this article:-

Refund on Balances/Invoices

  • You may or may not get refund as per our refund policy. You may find link to our refund policy in the footer on main website.

Refund on Campaigns/Orders

  • You may terminate the campaign or cancel the order (if applicable and available) to get the refund back to your account balance for unused/unspent budget/funds.
    Note: Refund will be given back to the account balance only but not be given on your invoice (original payment method)

Exceptions & Special Cases

There are some exceptions => for more details, please refer our refund policy at: 



Payment Deducted but NOT Credited Issue:-

This happens very rarely, usually when we don't get server postbacks from our payment gateway partner or under payment issues or some other reasons.

Common Reasons for Fiat Payment Failure:-

If you tried to deposit funds in your USD balance but it was failed / canceled by the payment processor, it might be due to one or more of the following reasons:- 

  • Payment Processor does not support your country or not available in your country.
  • Payment Processor does not support your debit card, credit card.
  • Your debit card, credit card is not enabled for international transaction.
  • The debit card, credit card you has used might be expired.
  • Other miscellaneous reasons such as technical failure.

Common Reasons for Crypto Payment Delay:-

  • Crypto payments are usually not instant.
  • They requires several confirmations on their respective blockchain.
  • Generally, 6 confirmations are required.
  • Once there are enough confirmations, your payment should reflect automatically.

Common Reasons for Crypto Payment Failure:-

If you tired to deposit funds in your USD balance but it was marked under paid or partially paid, it might be due to one or more of the following reasons:- 

  • You might have sent funds from your crypto wallet / exchange without considering the network fee.
  • Make sure to add markup for network fee if your crypto wallet / exchange does not take care of the same for you.
  • Please note that under paid or partially paid invoices are very complicated and hence it may not process automatically.
  • Please not that we can not refund under paid or partially paid invoices because it incur us additional fee (trxn fee + network fee) to process the refund and does not worth. 

How to Resolve Under Paid or Partially Paid Invoice?

  • If you invoice is marked as under paid or partially paid, then you may have to pay the difference to get it processed manually.
  • For example, if you under paid $95 on a $100 crypto invoice, you will have to pay the difference ($5 in this case) via same gateway/invoice.
  • In case the gateway don't accept another payment on same invoice, you may have to raise a fresh crypto invoice (say for $10) and intentionally overpay it by the difference amount ($5 in this case) w.r.t previous invoice i.e total $15 (= $10 + $5) in this scenario.
  • Make sure to reach out to support to get your under paid or partially paid invoices processed manually.


Going to create a campaign or place an order?
First of all, you need to add funds into your account balance by using an appropriate payment method such as Stripe, Tazapay, NowPayments, Paytm, Crypto, Wire, Bank ...etc at:

Quick Steps:

  1. Enter amount (USD) you want to add into your USD balance.
  2. Choose your preferred payment processor such as Stripe, Tazapay, PayPal ...etc
  3. Hit "Checkout" button to go to secure payment page.
  4. Follow the instructions shown by respective payment processor to make payment.

Note: You balance should get updated accordingly if paid successfully.

Payment Processors:

  • For Indians :  We have dedicated INR payment processors such as PayPal INR, Paytm, Bank ...etc.
  • For Non-Indians : We have PayPal, Stipe, Payoneer ...etc.
  • We also accept Crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC and over 50 AltCoins through payment processors like Bitpay, GoCoin, CoinGate ...etc.

Note: Some payment processor may not be available. Please check website add fund page to see actual list of available payment methods.


Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency and you need to have an account or bitcoin wallet at any one of your preferred bitcoin exchange/wallets.
You can buy or sell bitcoins from your account at any bitcoin exchange using your local currency. For more details, you may contact your bitcoin exchange where you have created account or have bitcoin wallet.
Popular BitCoin Wallets: UnoCoin | iGOT | XAPO | Zebpay 
Please follow these steps:-
  1. Please go to (login required)
  2. Enter amount of funds (USD) you want to add in "Add Funds" field
  3. Find "Pay in Crypto" tab under "
  4. Select your preferred bitcoin payment processor such as Bitpay
  5. Click "Submit" button to go to a secure payment page.
  6. Send equivalent BTC amount to the unique bitcoin address displayed.
  7. Funds will be credited to your account balance after 6 confirmations within bitcoin network.
Note: After you hit submit, It will take you to secure payment page of chosen bitcoin payment processor, where a unique bitcoin address will be shown, you have to send equivalent BTC to that address.



  • We prefer to work on pre-payment terms as of now.
  • By default our platform is designed to support pre-payment mode.
  • We have wallet system (USD Balance) in which you can top up an amount of your choice and use it to create campaigns or place orders.


  • Eligibility Criteria for Ad Network or Agency []:-
    Learn more at 
  • Eligibility Criteria for Direct Advertiser (
    - We may enable post-payment mode upon request but;
    - Should have good spend history of 6 months with us on pre-payment mode.
    - Should have decent and very long term on-going campaign.
    - Should have decent daily and total budget.
    - Post-payment threshold amount will be decided by us based on your past history.

Common FAQs:

How much Minimum Funds one can Deposit in their USD Balance?

  • The minimum possible funds you can add is just $10 (may vary depending upon the payment processor or method)
  • Please go to (login required) for more info



This article is only applicable to

For reporting campaign related issues/problems, please always contact us (create ticket) from ONLY

!!! WARNING !!! 
Campaign related issues/problems will NOT be entertained on Live Chat at all. 
If you report Campaign related issues/problems on Live Chat then your access to Live Chat will be blocked

Ticket Guidelines:

Do NOT create Ticket for the following:

How to Report Campaign related Issues / Problems? << IMPORTANT !!!

How to check Campaign Stats?

General Guidelines:



  • R (Refill): Only send your issue if your campaign service name contain the R(Refill) tag. Once you sent the issue, please allow up to 48h before the refill start. Do NOT send the same Campaign ID a second time, it won't increase the refill process.
  • AR (Auto-Refill): Service will be refilled automatically, no need to send us your campaign.
  • ♻: If service name contains ♻ symbol, you may have the ability to press the Refill Button on the Manage Campaign page or reach us to execute the same.
  • Recommended Article: Why my Views / Likes / Followers ...etc are Dropping? How to Solve this?

Cancellation: We can't cancel any campaign as such once the campaign is created and the same is already indicated in our terms/policy.

Double Campaigns: We cannot cancel campaigns if you made the mistake of making 2 orders of the same link at the same time.

Partial or Canceled Campaigns:

Terms and Policy:


Help our support team by reading the information above! This will help us out with the speed of our assistance :)



We have more than 1000 SMM services and it's really a challenge to find the best service especially when SMM Services are quite unstable, unpredictable and unreliable due to huge uncertainty.

Though you can explore all our SMM services at it's recommended to search for your category at and explore them category wise.

Please note that we have multiple servers/services and hence take care of following things while choosing one:-

Service Name: Service name contains lots of clues in terms of symbols or tags which indicates lots of information and can help you choose the best services. 

Service Status: You should buy services which stay in "Active" status most of the time but avoid buying those service which often goes "Down" on a regular basis.


Completion Rate: You should buy services that have a higher completion rate i.e higher "percentage" value but avoid buying those services which have a lower completion rate i.e lower "percentage" value.
Note: Completion Rate indicates the probability of any service that how likely it is to give full complete delivery of the order.


More the percentage, the higher is the chance of the order to get completed in full. In another word, the chances of your order resulting in "canceled" or "partial" status will be less, if the percentage is more.

Service Ratings: You should buy services that are rated high by the users and recommended by more no. of users but avoid buying those services which have low ratings.
Note: Ratings are normalized on a scale of 5 i.e it's an average score out of 5.


Recommendations: More the recommendations (thumbs up 👍 ) by users, higher is the chance that your campaign (if you order) will be completed smoothly. In another word, the chances of your order resulting in "canceled" or "partial" status will be low, if the recommendations are high.


Note: Recommendations are nothing but the no. of positive ratings given by the users.


Find the timestamp that is located next to your username above your comment (for example: "3 days ago") and hover over it then right click and "Copy Link Address".

The link will be something like this: instead of just

To be sure that you got the correct link, paste it in your browser's address bar and you will see that the comment is now the first one below the video and it says "Highlighted comment".


The one that has "Monetized" or "Monetizable" or "Monetization" in its service' name.


Hence the term,
"Guaranteed" means it guarantee whatever is stated in the service details.
"Not Guaranteed" means it does NOT guarantee whatever is stated in the service details.

Symbols/Shortcuts Meaning
= Best Service
⚡️ = Fast Start
= Cancel button*
= Refill button*
🚩 = Service Updating (Slow Start, Slow Delivery)
AR = Auto-Refill
R30 = Refill 30 days
R60 = Refill 60 days
R∞ = Lifetime Refill


*You may need to contact us to get a particular action executed if applicable but button not shown (or not working).



Every time we send the request to Facebook/Instagram to get your account approved (blue marked), it does cost us about $500 for handling the research, documentation, email back and forth with Facebook/Instagram. This $500 won't be refundable once we send the request even if the approval is denied from their part. If the approval is denied, and you don't want to send other requests, we will refund the full $10,000 minus the $500 for the first request.

It will take about a month of work, email back and forth with some Proof of ID at some point, and we will need your cooperation to send us as many information as possible in terms of links on the internet about the profile. Example: their Website URL, Wiki Links, and Newspaper talking about the person, other social media accounts...

The success rate is NOT 100% guaranteed as we mentioned previously, but chances are 80%+ it will work.

If you acknowledge all the above, please let us know how would you make payment? can you pay in BitCoins? please note that we do NOT accept PayPal payment for this service. send us the payment details via ticket. When sent, we will start to work on the account.


This article is only applicable to

For Poll / Votes kind of Services, you can specify the option for which you need votes in this format =>{ButtonNumber}

Here {ButtonNumber} is equal to the Option number:-

  • For 1st Option, {ButtonNumber} = 1
  • For 2nd Option, {ButtonNumber} = 2
  • For 3rd Option, {ButtonNumber} = 3
  • ... and so on



Please go through this quick guide and follow the instructions given below to get started quickly:-


  1. Register a FREE Account on our Self-Serve Platform
  2. Add some Funds to your Account Balance
  3. Create a Campaign from your Dashboard
  4. Manage your Campaign from your Dashboard

1. Register a FREE Account on our Self-Serve Platform

If you are NOT registered on our self-serve platform yet then please register a FREE account at to get started.
Note: Please make sure to activate your account by verifying your email => Resend Activation Email

2. Add some Funds to your Account Balance

You need to add funds in your account balance at (login required) by using an appropriate payment processor such as PayPal, Payoneer, Wire ...etc before creating the campaign.

3. Create a Campaign from your Dashboard

You can create campaigns at (login required)

There are just a few details, you have to choose or fill in order to create a campaign.

  • Category (Optional): Choose the Category to sort the list of services in next step accordingly
  • Service: Choose your desired service from the list 
  • Quantity: No. of engagements you are looking for
  • Link: Enter your Social link / URL.

*some campaign types, my require you to provide additional details.

4. Manage your Campaign from your Dashboard

You can manage all your campaigns at (login required) from your dashboard.


This article is only applicable to

Where to Report?

  • via Ticket Support:
    You may report Campaign related Issues / Problems by contacting us (create support ticket) at 
    Note: you must be logged in while contacting.
  • via ChatBox Support (VIP Membership Required):
    If you are on VIP Membership, you may report campaign issues via ChatBox which can be found at bottom-right corner while you are on dashboard.
    !!! NOTICE !!! 
    You must subscribe to VIP Membership at (login required) otherwise Campaign related Issues / Problems will NOT be Entertained directly on ChatBox at all for users on FREE membership.

How to Manage Tickets?

Guidelines to Report:

  • Always mention or select related Campaign IDs and any other required details in your request.
  • Make sure to choose relevant request type and correct subject while creating support ticket. 
  • Do NOT create more than one request for same campaign issue or problem.
  • You may send the same kind of issues inside one single ticket to save time.
  • Creating a support ticket and chatbox request won't increase the response time.
  • If you are sending a message on chatbox, be sure to send your ticket/incident id/number (if FREE membership). 
  • Spamming increase response time or we may suspend your access to our helpdesk.


Note: This article is only applicable to

Campaign Start Time:

Our platform is almost automated but start time depends on the service you buy. Start time is already indicated in the name of the service itself.

For Example: In "Buy Facebook Website Likes [10M] [1H - 50K/D - R30]" service, start time is 1H i.e 1 hour.

Note: Start time is indicative but we do NOT guarantee the same.

Campaign Delivery Speed:

Our platform is almost automated but delivery speed depends on the service you buy. Delivery speed is already indicated in the name of the service itself.

For Example: In "Buy Facebook Website Likes [10M] [1H - 50K/D - R30]" service, delivery speed is 50K/D i.e 50K per day.

Note: Delivery speed is indicative but we do NOT guarantee the same.

Campaign Delivery Time:

You can calculate Delivery Time of a campaign/order with the help of Start Time, Delivery Speed and Total Count as follows:-

Delivery Time = [Start Time] ➕ ----------------- ✖️ [Total Count]
[Delivery Speed]

Where Total Count = Total amount that you have purchased while creating the campaign

Note: Take care of units, Start Time is generally given in Hour but Delivery Speed is given in per Day.

  • If your campaign status is Canceled or Partial, then
  • You may terminate your Canceled or Partial campaign at (login required),
  • By hitting the red "Terminate" button given under "Actions" column.

Note: Remaining unused money will automatically be refunded back to your USD balance


This article is only applicable to

We have multiple servers/services and they mix of Dropping and Non Drop services and hence when you buy any SMM Service then please check for "Non Drop" tag or "R" tag or "" symbol.

  • "Non Drop" tag means the Views / Likes / Followers ...etc will NOT drop and good to buy if you do NOT want dropping issues. Please note that Non Drop services are limited in number and may NOT be available all the time.
    Note: If "Non Drop" tag is NOT there then that service may be dropping or may NOT be.

  • "R" tag means you are covered for Refill i.e if Views / Likes / Followers ...etc drops then we will Refill it for FREE.
    Symbols/Shortcuts Meaning
    AR = Auto-Refill
    R30 = Refill 30 days
    R60 = Refill 60 days
    R∞ = Lifetime Refill

  • "" symbol means you may get a Refill button or you can contact us and we will initiate the Refill for FREE.

    Symbols/Shortcuts Meaning
    = Refill button

General Tip: It is recommended that you try different servers/services and get stick to the one which is performing better for you.


If the status of your campaign is Partial or Canceled, it means the campaign/service can't deliver more engagements (likes, followers ...etc) as of now and you may terminate the campaign to get a refund for remaining likes/followers.

  • If your campaign status is Partial then terminate it because we can't deliver it further. Try another server/service.
  • If your campaign status is Canceled then terminate it because we can't deliver it at all. Try another server/service.

Please order similar/other service or try a different server/service in that case.

Recommended Article: How to Terminate (or Refund) a canceled or partially completed campaign?



You should always check campaign stats (or progress) manually by visiting your social page and comparing; 

  • the Total Count (total amount that you have purchased while creating the campaign),
  • and Current Count (actual amount you have right now or just after campaign completion)
  • taking Start Count (start amount as recorded by us just after the campaign creation) as reference accordingly.

Disclaimer: Do NOT rely on the dashboard for the stats as it's NOT real-time but sometimes it's totally blank or stuck.



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